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Bitcoin Deposit Method in Online Casino

In modern online casinos, cryptocurrency takes an important place among payment methods. Thanks to this, you will be able to quickly deposit your account and withdraw money without any problems. You will only need a wallet, on which bitcoin will be stored.

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222% up to $110 + 66 free spins$20
110% up to 1 BTC + 300 free spins$20 or 0.0001 BTC
250% + $75 if deposit in bitcoin$35
400% + $30 deposit$20
100% up to $/€200 + 200 free spins$20 or 0.0002 BTC
100% match bonuses up to $10.000$50
250% + 100% cashback$10
150% up to €200$5
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$30 Gold Coin Package for $10$5
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Using bitcoin to deposit at an online casino

You can use cryptocurrency in the special section "Deposit" or "Cash" in your cabinet. Select bitcoin as a payment method and specify the details of the desired wallet. Money is credited almost instantly.

Different types of bitcoin wallets

There are several of the most popular types of online wallets that can store your cryptocurrency. You need to choose the right one for you. This is the most convenient way to both deposit and withdraw your funds, which gives you additional opportunities in the casino. Even an attractive monetary rate suggests that you should definitely use cryptocurrency.

Online wallets

The classic method of storing cryptocurrency is characterized by:

  • stability;
  • security;
  • prevalence.

You will be able to register one in a matter of minutes.

Hardware wallets

A more secure type of storage for your tokens and coins that features a physical shell. Most often it is a special flash drive with a key or keyring. An ideal option for those who want to store a lot of bitcoins at once.

Software wallets

Similarly, online wallets store your coins online. You will be able to use your money at any time using a special security phrase. It usually consists of 12 or 16 random words.

Paper wallets

A separate and very rare type of storage, which in any case will be associated with an online wallet. Sometimes this option is offered to VIP clients who want to have a physical object to prove their right to own cryptocurrency. Not common among ordinary users.

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Benefits of Bitcoin Payment Methods at Online Casinos

Among the main advantages are:

  • the ability to pay even a very large deposit;
  • the minimal delay between the application and crediting bitcoin to the account;
  • to withdraw much faster money from the casino balance.

Also, all commissions are usually taken care of by the casino, but there are also network fees, which sometimes have to be paid by the user.

Minimum Bitcoin deposit $/€5

Most often the minimum deposit is only one dollar, but it all depends largely on the gaming establishment. You better go to the cashier and see for yourself the maximum and minimum limits.

The minimum deposit in bitcoins is 1 USD

The most common option is always the lower limit of one dollar and the upper limit of an infinite amount. Thanks to this you can increase your balance by tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars at a time, which is especially convenient for fans of big bets.

What do you need to get started with bitcoin at an online casino?

You will need to use simple navigation on the official website of the casino and go to the payment methods in the cashier. After that, you will be able to choose the appropriate option, which includes cryptocurrency wallets. Make the transaction and the money will appear on your account as quickly as possible.

Set up your Bitcoin wallet

The first thing to do is to create a personal wallet of one of the types, using the instructions above. Just choose the appropriate option, such as Trust Wallet, and register your account. Be sure to remember your key phrase, which you will need in the future.

Buy Bitcoin

Next, just buy bitcoin on one of the cryptocurrency exchanges. Binance is the most popular option. Take the cryptocurrency from the seller and transfer it to a wallet for further management.

Find a Crypto online casino and set up a payment method

Next, in our list, you can choose a suitable online casino that supports bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Register and set the coin as the main means of payment and the currency of your account, if there is such a setting.

Deposit in bitcoins

Fund your account the same way you would if you wanted to increase your balance through a bank card. Carefully copy the address of the wallet to which you will be transferring money, because it will not be possible to return it. Confirm the transaction and wait for the crediting.

Online casino transfer time

More often than not, any cryptocurrency transactions are almost instantaneous and you can quickly get your money right on your balance. The casino waits for confirmation from the network and credits the funds. Sometimes the time can be about 5-20 minutes.

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Bitcoin deposit and Binance exchange

You should fund your account using a cryptocurrency wallet or directly on a cryptocurrency exchange. One of them is Binance, which is currently the leader in the entire coin market.

Open an account on Binance

You must first open an account on Binance using the registration form. After specifying your real email address and phone number, don't forget to go through initial verification. It only takes a few minutes. Additionally, enable two-factor authentication to quickly confirm your payments.

Buy Bitcoin on Binance with a credit card or bank transfer

After that, you can use the exchange to buy bitcoin. Do it using your credit card or bank transfer with the help of wallet tips. You can also work with P2P payments, which in some cases is even more profitable.

Bitcoin deposit methods in online casinos

The most popular is to enter the required amount in the "Cashier" section and wait for the formation of a special wallet for you. After that, you transfer the exact estimated amount to your Binance account and get this money on your balance. Sometimes the gambling establishment can withdraw the balance in the equivalent of dollars or euros.

Deposit via ePay

In this case, replenishing is almost no different, so you can quickly fill in your details and start the transaction. The money most often arrives in just a few minutes. Check your balance and start playing.

Deposit with EasyPay

A convenient way for those who like a little anonymity. Fund your account in cryptocurrency or other currencies and deposit in Binance. After that, confirm the payment of the account and get a receipt.

Deposit with FastPay

A fast and secure method of depositing for those who don't want to wait for a long transaction processing time. Just make a transfer to the specified address and wait for confirmation from Binance. The procedure takes about 5-6 minutes.

Deposit via Cashterminal

A fairly old way, which will require a special terminal in physical form. These are often found in shopping centers or stores where people do their shopping. Choose the right address and top up your account, not forgetting the terminal fee.

Deposit at the casino through a mobile operator

The classic recharge method has been available for more than 10 years in a row. Just enter your number and confirm the operation on the side of the mobile operator. The specific algorithm for completing the procedure depends on your operator, but most often it takes up to one-hour maximum to recharge.

Deposit with paysafecard

A convenient way for everyone who wants to calculate all commissions and possible payments in advance. Just use a special gift card and credit your balance with as much money as you even need. Within a few minutes, the money will come into your account.

Disadvantages of Bitcoin

The main disadvantage is the high volatility of this cryptocurrency, due to which the dollar equivalent amount can change in your account every day. Therefore, sometimes it is difficult to calculate the exact deposit, which leads to the need to fix the rate. Other disadvantages may include:

  • need to learn how to use a cryptocurrency wallet;
  • the absence of limits on the amount to deposit can lead to increased spending;
  • withdrawing large sums to the card is sometimes only possible in a few transactions.

Otherwise, cryptocurrency and bitcoin are excellent deposit methods. High speed is combined with maximum reliability thanks to blockchain records.

That's the end of our review, so we recommend you try an easy deposit with BTC and get your bonuses for every cool bet now.


Will there be any fees with Bitcoin transactions?

It is important to understand that when using cryptocurrency payment methods, the casino most often takes care of all the commission. However, there is a special fee in the sending network, which will have to be paid by the player. Everything is quite individual and depends on the particular casino, so you may encounter different situations.

How do Bitcoins compare to other banking options?

Most often, experts say that bitcoin is much more profitable than other currency deposit methods. The fact is that you will be able to see the money on your balance much faster and withdraw it if necessary because the bank will not conduct any operations. Plus, you will be able to replenish your balance with an unlimited amount of money, which is also a plus.

What benefits does Bitcoin gambling provide?

The main advantage of this game is that you can use all the functionality of the casino without any additional problems. Just use bitcoin as your currency and replenish your account with it to spin the reels and earn real money. This will especially appeal to users who like big bets. Friendly virtual verification will not burden you and allow you to get the best bonus.

Is paying with Bitcoin at an online casino safe?

Payment with cryptocurrency is safe because all transactions are recorded in the blockchain and they cannot be marked in any way. Thanks to this, your account will be credited and you will have all the necessary evidence. You will also be able to easily enjoy all the unique benefits of data encryption that casinos use to keep personal data safe.

How fast are Bitcoin transactions with online casinos?

At the moment, all bitcoin transactions are most often very fast. Deposits usually take no more than 5-10 minutes, during which time the casino has time to get the first confirmation from the network about the transaction. Withdrawal can take up to 1-2 business days, which in any case is faster than any bank method. And in fact, the casino tries to conduct transactions much faster, sometimes even in a couple of minutes!

How long does it take to process a Bitcoin Payment?

Payment processing can take a different amount of time, depending on the load of the network and the casino at the moment. Most often, the time is only a few minutes, but sometimes it can increase up to 20 minutes or a whole hour. Otherwise, you can contact technical support at any time, so that the administration manually check all the details of the transaction.

Do I need to open a wallet to start using Bitcoin?

Yes, you will need to create your cryptocurrency wallet or use the services of cryptocurrency exchanges. This will allow you to store, deposit or withdraw cryptocurrency from your account. You will also be able to manage your assets comfortably, which is an important principle of digital money. Just get yourself a wallet in any system you like.

What online casinos take Bitcoin?

A large number of gambling establishments gladly accept cryptocurrency as the main way of deposit. In our top, you will be able to find a large number of suitable options and register on one of the proposed platforms. You will also be able to play as quickly as possible and see for yourself that bitcoin is accepted as payment.

What is Bitcoin and how does it work?

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that was created to settle accounts between users. Like any currency, this coin has its exchange rate with the dollar, pound, or other currencies. The rate is always changing, so you need to follow the actual quotes in the world. The cryptocurrency itself works on a blockchain, where all transactions are recorded forever.