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Real Money Online Poker Sites in 2023

Online poker for real money in the United States is a rather developed sphere of gambling. Gambling platforms often bring it to full-size, separate online poker sites. Today, this game is legal for playing for profit on the Internet in Delaware, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and. These sites provide all tools for the full emotion and comfort of the game, from free learning of the rules and options for a free game to impressive poker bonuses and the best banking offers.

What You Need to Know Before Playing on US Poker Sites for Real Money

What You Need to Know Before Playing on US Poker Sites for Real Money

It is no secret that online poker is a game where gamblers have to learn the rules, train, develop strategies, and be able to bluff to increase the chances of winning. But this is far from everything each punter needs to learn before playing on any gambling platform. The experience of playing online poker is affected not only by your skills but also by the casino itself. It is important that the gambling platform is licensed and secure, has reasonable banking conditions, can offer constantly updated promotions and bonuses as well as a wide library of poker games. Here are a few points to look out for when choosing an online poker platform to play:

  • Online Poker Promos. Every gambling platform that offers online poker has unique bonus offers to the player. It is important to keep two things in mind here: first, always be aware of the conditions of receiving prizes and wagering, and second, make sure that the site can offer you other promotions besides the sign-up bonus and that they are constantly updated. In the case of the terms and conditions for receiving and wagering bonuses, here, the online poker platform can give you large amounts of free money, but you can lose all winnings during mandatory wagering. Speaking of a wide range of promotions on the site, many casinos attract gamblers with a first deposit bonus, but then, they are not ready to make any other offers to diversify their gaming experience. It should be remembered that a good online poker platform will always allow you to take part in numerous tournaments and get a daily or weekly prize using promo codes.
  • Licensing at Online Poker Sites. Online gambling is a young market but one of the fastest-growing in the world. The annual profit of all online poker rooms is hundreds of millions of dollars; so, it is not surprising at all that many scammers are appearing alongside licensed platforms. It may seem that all these stories about cheated bettors and unpaid winnings are far from reality, but this is not at all the case. When playing for real money, safety always comes first. Obtaining licenses, certificates, going through many checks, and constant monitoring are long and expensive processes. But if a site has official permission to provide gambling services, this means that it acts under the law and fully meets strict standards. The license is what you should look out for first.
  • Banking on Online Poker Sites. Online poker platforms are often international rooms that accept bettors from dozens of countries around the world. So, they must provide an opportunity to replenish a game account and get a win quickly and conveniently for everyone, from US players to gamblers from Japan. The methods for making transactions are usually the same across different sites, and they include the most widely used international payment systems. Over the past two years, the list of bank cards and e-wallets has also expanded to blockchain due to its great popularity; so, the presence of Bitcoin and other altcoins as a payment method is already mandatory for online poker rooms. Regardless of what conditions this or that method offers you, the casino itself also affects the speed of transaction processing and the number of fees. A deposit is usually made instantly, as it is in the best interests of online poker sites. One way or another, there may be some delays in money payments up to 7 business days, even if this bank or e-wallet offers a payout speed of several hours. Always pay attention to the banking conditions of a specific platform to be prepared for long transaction processing times.
  • Games Variations. Poker has many variations. It's hard to find a gambling site that only offers one option for this table game. Often, poker rooms have libraries with many cash games from different providers; so, in addition to choosing the real money poker variation, you also have the opportunity to select the option with the best graphics, gameplay, interfaces, bet limits, and so on. Before transferring cash to the account of a particular site, make sure that its gaming collection has real money poker that can meet your gambling needs and expectations. On the vast majority of online poker platforms, you can view and even try games for free before registering.

These are the main factors that you need to know and pay attention to first when choosing a gambling platform for a comfortable and safe online poker game.

Basic Poker Tutorial to Win Real Money

Real money poker is the most popular card game among punters in the world. It is played not only on a gambling site and at a casino but also with friends at parties or home. Among some possible variations of this game, the most widely played is No-Limit Hold'em, which can be found in the vast majority of poker rooms.

One way or another, it is not important which variation of online poker you prefer because they all have the same basic rules with some differences, such as bets limits or the process of the game. It uses a 52-card deck. Players sit at the table and receive cards clockwise. Bets are made using chips of different denominations. The winner takes all the bet chips (pot). The following classic combinations are used to determine the winning hand:

  • Royal Flush ­— 5 cards from ace to ten of one suit
  • Straight Flush — 5 consecutive cards from high to low of the same suit
  • Four of a Kind — 4 cards of the same value
  • Full House — 3 cards of whatever value + 2 cards of the same value
  • Flush — 5 cards of the same suit
  • Straight — 5 consecutive cards from high to low
  • Three of a Kind — 3 cards of the same value
  • Two Pair — 2 cards of the same value + 2 cards of the same value
  • One Pair — 2 cards of the same value
  • High Card — the highest card of the player among other players in the absence of the above combinations.

There are several methods you can use to win on online poker sites. The first way is, of course, a winning hand when you have a higher combination or card than other gamblers. The second way is when players fold, and you are left alone. Then, the pot is given to you, while you cannot show your cards. To force players to fold, many bettors bluff. Without bluffing, you rely on luck and a good deal of cards, but this is not enough if you want to increase your chances of winning. Using bluff, you can develop your poker strategy by raising bets as you have the best hand, even if you don’t. This is possible when playing in online poker rooms with other bettors. When playing with a computer on a website or app, the strategy can be based on a reasonable distribution of bets.

Free Poker vs. Real Money Poker

Free Poker vs. Real Money Poker

Many online poker sites offer free versions of their games. First, they are aimed at allowing the bettor to try the software before placing real cash. Free poker rooms are no different in gameplay, rules, and interface from options for real money. Since there is no risk in free games, excitement, and the feeling of fighting for the pot are lost. Also, all the money won cannot be credited to your bank card or e-wallet. Real money poker gives a lot more emotions during the game, encourages you to count the moves, rates, cards, and develop the strategy. Free software can be an excellent platform for skill training before going to poker rooms for real cash. Here, you can try yourself in different types of poker to understand which one you prefer more. Learn the sequence of actions around, as well as get used to the software interface, but this type of online poker will never replace the emotions of playing for real money.

Online Poker Game Types

As was already mentioned above in the article, online poker sites have different variations of real money poker, which differ in some nuances in the rules and bet limits. Here are some examples of the most popular online poker games:

  • Texas Hold ‘Em. This variation can be confidently called the most popular type of game. The game starts with bets, and gamblers are dealt two cards. There is a small blind at the table or a player who necessarily makes half of the minimum bet and a big blind or a player who makes at least the full minimum bet. Other bettors call the bets clockwise, or they can pass. This is followed by a stage called the Flop, when the dealer places three common cards on the table, players bet again, and they can raise the bet or not (check). At the Turn stage, the fourth card is dealt on the table, and the betting round is repeated. At the River stage, the last fifth card is put, and the last round of bets takes place. To each of such rounds, you can skip answering the raising of bets and leave. At the Showdown stage, the remaining bettors show their cards, the highest hand wins.
  • Omaha Poker. Here, the rules and the process of the game are the same as that of Texas Hold 'Em, but there are some differences. In Omaha, players are dealt 4 cards, but the combination must consist of 5 cards, 3 common cards, and 2 hole cards of the player. This type of poker increases the chances of making winning combinations.
  • Stud. This game was the most popular form of poker before the spread of Texas Hold 'Em. Here, the rules and gameplay are a bit different from Hold ‘Em and other variations. Initially, gamblers receive two face-down cards and one face-up card. The punter with the lowest open card makes half or a full minimum bet. If two bettors have the same low card, the one who will make the minimum bet is determined by the lowest suit in descending order: spades, hearts, diamonds, clubs. Then, players receive three open cards, with each card accompanied by a round of bets. The last card is dealt face down, and the last round of betting is in progress. This variation of the game in poker rooms is considered the most brutal and has completely different strategies and tactics in contrast to other online poker options.
  • Draw. This is one of the simplest types of poker, which is rarely used in online poker for real money tournaments. After the first bets, each player receives 5 hole cards. A betting round is followed. If none of the bettors raises the bets, the dealer takes the cards and deals again, while the original bets remain on the table and are supplemented by new bets. After the first round of betting, the gambler can change from one to five cards to get the best combination. Then, the betting round comes again, and punters show their cards.
  • Razz is the opposite Stud. Here, the winning hand is considered the lowest combination of cards; straight and flush are not taken into account. Also, the mandatory minimum bet is made by the player with the highest open card.

Many poker rooms have the function of simultaneously playing at several tables; so, you can have several games in one variation of online poker at the same time or its different options.

Is Online Poker Legal in the US?

Is Online Poker Legal in the US?

The Internet gambling market in the USA is very developed, especially poker rooms. They are not legal throughout the country, but this process has already been launched, and states, one by one, allow online poker platforms to provide gambling services. There are hundreds of local and international poker sites currently available in the United States, including PokerStars, 888 Poker, WSOP, BetMGM, Bovada, Betonline, Black Chip Poker, and others.

In addition to gambling on the Internet, the United States also hosts international poker tournaments. The most famous of them are organized by the world gambling brand World Poker Tour (WPT). Which has been operating in this market since 2002, and the brand, which, together with Caesars Entertainment, runs the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas, where the prize is gold bracelets. This brand also has more local tournaments with other prizes.

You can also take part in tournaments at the state level on the poker platform of one of the brands available to you. The best online poker sites for US players have their tournaments inside the site with pretty good pools, which can amount to several hundred thousand dollars. The entrance price can be different depending on the level of the tournaments. It can be several dollars or several thousand dollars.

Speaking of the USA, here, gambling poker platforms are legal in many states, but only a few of them are considered the center of modern online poker in the country, which will be discussed below.

NJ Online Poker Sites

888 Poker was one of the first poker rooms poker rooms to open in NJ. In 2012, PokerStars joined it. Later, 888 merged with WSOP, and now, they share common users. Other such collaborations in New Jersey are Partypoker, Borgata Poker, and BetMGM.

888 Poker and WSOP have a common server and bring together players between several states. Here, you can get free $20 for 888 and $10 for WSOP.

Pokerstars was launched in this state later than others, but now, it alone occupies about 38% of the market. Here, the bettor receives free $50 or 100% up to $600 for the first transaction.

Partypoker, Borgata Poker, and BetMGM bring together NJ players and offer $25 free of charge plus a $1,000 first transaction promo on Partypoker.

Michigan Online Poker Sites

Real money poker in this state launched only in 2021, and so far, it does not share players with other states. Today, there are two poker rooms here.

PokerStars launched in MI in early 2021 and was the first online poker platform in the state. The site, in addition to classic variations of the game, also offers unique options. It offers $50 free to new users or a 100% match up to $600.

BetMGM was launched later and has taken on some of its popularity. New users here can get $10 free of charge.

WSOP does not currently have a poker room in MI, but its launch is highly anticipated by all local online poker fans.

PA Poker Sites

Online poker rooms appeared in the state in 2019 with the arrival of PokerStars on the market. On this platform, you can get their standard sign-up bonus of $50 for free or up to $600 for free in the form of 100% of the first transaction.

BetMGM and Borgata became the second and third gambling platforms for real money poker in August 2021. On both sites, you can get $25 for free and a 100% match up to $600.

Two months later, WSOP was launched on the market, which also shares players with 888 and offers $10 free.

Nevada Online Poker Sites

In 2012, the first poker rooms launched in this state, but some of them did not keep up with competition and were closed in 2014. Now, the main platform for real money poker is the WSOP. As already mentioned above, this brand shares players with 888 and other poker rooms in several states at once. This made WSOP the world's largest poker platform. As a first bonus, here, you can receive 100% of the first transaction to your game account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Online Poker Sites Safe?

Those poker rooms that have gone through numerous stages of verification and received official permission from the state in the form of a license to provide gambling services on the Internet are safe platforms. Those who do not have such permission can, with a high probability, turn out to be scammers.

Where Can I Play Poker Online for Real Money?

If poker rooms are allowed in your state, you can find out which gambling poker site operates in your area. The most common platforms are Pokerstars and WSOP.

Is Playing Online Poker Profitable?

Yes, if you play for real money, have developed skills in this game, and have winning strategies, the game can be very profitable.