Underage Gaming Policy

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Policy for gaming activity of persons under the age of majority in Gambling Fellas. Gambling Fellas has a strict policy regarding gaming activity by persons under the age of majority. We recognize the importance of protecting young people from the harmful effects of gambling and take all necessary measures to prevent those under the legal age from accessing our services.

Age verification

We require all of our customers to provide proof of their age when registering for our service. This may require official identification documents and date of birth.

Access limitation

Persons under the age of majority are not allowed to participate in gaming activities on our service. We take measures to prevent underage users from accessing gambling.

Internal controls

We establish internal controls to detect and prevent gaming activity by persons under the age of majority. This includes systems for monitoring and analyzing user activity.


All of our customer facing staff are trained to prevent minors from accessing gambling. They are trained to recognize the signs and prevent such situations.

Cooperation with parents and guardianship authorities

We are ready to cooperate with parents and guardianship authorities to prevent minors from accessing gambling. If we detect suspicious activity related to minor users, we immediately take appropriate action.

Educational Resources

We provide educational resources and materials to parents and guardians about the dangers of underage gambling and how to prevent access to it.

Gamble under-the-age gaming policy is designed to protect the interests of youth and provide a safe and responsible gaming environment. We are committed to working with parents and guardianship authorities to prevent underage gambling and promote their healthy development.

Public campaigns

We support and participate in public campaigns and programs aimed at educating the public about the dangers of gambling for minors and ways to prevent access to it. This includes participating in events, conducting information campaigns and distributing educational materials.

Technological solutions

We are actively developing and implementing technological solutions to prevent minors from accessing our gaming platforms. This includes age verification systems at registration and monitoring of user activity to identify underage users.

Cooperation with educational institutions

We cooperate with educational institutions to conduct lectures and seminars on the dangers of gambling among minors. This allows us to communicate directly with young people and educate them about the consequences of gambling addiction.

Developing a responsible gaming environment

We encourage responsible gaming among all of our users, including those who have reached the age of majority. We provide tools to monitor gaming activity and recommendations for healthy gaming habits.

Responsible Marketing

We adhere to the principles of responsible marketing and avoid attracting the attention of minors to our gaming products. We do not use aggressive marketing tactics aimed at youth audiences and adhere to advertising standards set in our region.

Continuous improvement

We continually evaluate the effectiveness of our measures to prevent underage gambling and are committed to continually improving our practices and policies in this area.

Gambling Fellas policy for persons under the age of majority is based on the principles of responsibility, education and community cooperation. We encourage all stakeholders to join our efforts to prevent underage gambling and maintain a healthy gaming environment.