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The biggest part of gamblers in the United States are getting wild about real money online slots. Today, online slots bring over 70% of the total profit of casinos throughout the country. The main reason for this popularity is the ability to win some real money without developing strategies for the game and learning long rules. You can become a millionaire by clicking on one button.

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Choosing an Online Casino to Play Slots for Real Money

Choosing an Online Casino to Play Slots for Real Money

Your experience will largely depend on the correct choice of an Internet casino platform for playing real money online slots. You might get the impression that best-quality online slots are all you need, but there are dozens of other factors that must be taken into account to get the maximum real money winnings and a comfortable game.

Big promotions for the vast majority of active bettors are often the main reason for choosing particular online casinos. Promotions can significantly diversify the gameplay and make the experience from online slots for real money an unforgettable one; so, of course, it is worth taking this factor into account. First, it is crucial to pay attention to how new promotions regularly appear on a gambling platform. A sign-up bonus is the main offer because it is aimed at attracting new customers to play slots for real money. Nevertheless, some sites are limited to this bonus only, not providing any new promotions or offers with minimum prizes.

When you study reviews of different online casinos, you need to find out if they offer. For example, a no deposit bonus, which does not require transactions and is a great option for those punters who are not ready to risk real money. It will also be great if a gambling platform has cashback that returns a percentage of the deposit amount, as well as daily or weekly match percentages, which add extra money to the account. All these offers must have reasonable conditions for receiving and wagering because it is at this stage that casinos with slots to play online can manipulate bettors, not allowing them to receive their winnings due to high wagering limits. You must make sure your favorite casino with online slots offers ongoing generous promotions to expand your casino experience.

Welcome Bonuses

As mentioned above, this type of bonus is the main one on any gambling platform with slots for real money. Since it is always the largest on the site and is aimed at increasing the number of new users registering on the page. These bonuses can only be obtained by newcomers, who can sometimes be asked to enter a promo code. In other cases, the registration prize is already available after the first transaction. Very often, a welcome bonus can have several options for fans of different types of games. Many online casinos may even allow you to choose one of them. One way or another, it is rather common for this bonus package to get spins for real money slots or funds, which can also be spent on this game.

Trusted Casino Sites

An equally important point that in no case should be missed when choosing a platform for playing online slots for real money in USA is safety. It is no secret that there are currently hundreds of online slots platforms that are not authorized to provide gambling services. Such online casinos are not verified or monitored; so, they can cheat and do all sorts of illegal actions with players' finances. If you want to get honestly won real money on online slots, always check if a particular casino is legal.

Deposit Methods and Payout Speed

Everyone knows that numerous financial systems for making transactions at online casinos are a priority factor when selecting a venue for playing online slots. This is explained by the fact that punters can store money on dozens of different electronic wallets and bank cards; so, the site should provide each gambler with a convenient method to replenish an account or receive a win. However, the transaction processing speed is also an essential aspect. When playing for real money, it is important to be able to make a deposit instantly or, at least, in the shortest time possible and get a payout just as quickly. This is where some gambling platforms with slots for real money are sometimes manipulated. It happens in the following way: the casino deliberately makes the processing of transactions unreasonably long so that the punter can continue playing with the money won and not take them out. This manipulation is easy to see in the terms and conditions of a particular platform, and if you issue long-term transactions, it is better to refuse online slots for real money on this site.

Software Developers

Moving on to the funnier part of choosing online casinos to give online slots for real money a try, make sure the software on that particular site gives you the most of the experience you can get out of playing. Online slots games have hundreds and even thousands of varieties. You can choose an option with a different number of reels, jackpot systems, bet limits, and style. The last point has a particularly large number of variations; so, very often, you can find a library with hundreds of different slots on sites. Here, it is worth paying attention to companies that develop these games. The software must be of good quality, with high graphics, and, most importantly, have a certificate that confirms that this option provides a fair game. There are now a huge number of IT developers who can offer you the best options.

Why Play Online Slots for Real Money?

Online slots take up a larger share in any game collection as there is a great demand for them. Here are some reasons why tens of thousands of bettors around the world choose this game and why you should also try your luck here:

  • Fast real money. This game is aimed at active and fast gameplay. Compared to other offers at online casinos, to play real money online slots, you do not have to study a long list of rules or develop strategies to win. Here, everything is decided by chance, and you can even become a millionaire by pressing just one button.
  • Proms. Since this game is the most widespread worldwide, one should expect that some promotions at casinos will be dedicated solely to online slots.
  • A wide selection. Due to such a demand for online slots for real money, you can pick up a variation that suits you from hundreds of possible ones. This can significantly expand the overall experience of gambling.
  • Emotions. Since this is a fast game, losses change with winnings in seconds. Those who like to take risks can make maximum bets to feel especially acute emotions.

Online slots can be an ideal choice for gambling for both beginners and experienced bettors. Today, the gambling market provides many unique opportunities for playing this game, which makes this option one of the best on gambling sites.

Real-Money vs. Free Online Slots

Real-Money vs. Free Online Slots

Free games can be a great training ground to improve your skills before playing for real money. What are the advantages and disadvantages of free online slots and slots for real money?

Real-money slots:

  • There is an opportunity to win big money, from thousands of dollars to millions, in seconds. This option is available in progressive jackpot variants; however, winning a few dollars without learning the rules and strategies is also a great deal.
  • Many special promos for online slots. They are so popular that gambling platforms often have great bonuses that can only be used in this game.
  • Fast play and thrill. Slots are an active game. In one minute, you can have several rounds, which cannot be compared with the gameplay in any other game. Such a lively process, especially if the bettor plays high, can give unforgettable emotions.
  • There is a possibility of losing large sums if the bettor does not adhere to the rules of responsible gambling. This point follows from the previous one. With a fast game, you may not keep track of the budget and lose a decent amount of money; so, you should always remain with a cold mind and not be led by emotions.
  • Depending on the rules of online casinos as well as the conditions of the bank or online wallet, the processing of transactions to receive a win may take several days. The payout speed depends on both the gambling platform and the method you use to make transactions. Always read the terms of banking before depositing on the site.

Free slots:

  • This option is available for instant play without the need to register on the platform. Moreover, such games do not require the installation of software or applications, which makes them very convenient to play.
  • Punters get a unique opportunity to try a specific game before risking real money, as well as improve their gambling skills.
  • Since such a game does not require registration, it becomes completely anonymous. Thus, you keep hidden not only your identity but also the information of your bank card or e-wallet. As mentioned above, now, many scam gambling platforms can use your data for their purposes.
  • Bettors lose the opportunity to take part in unique promotions. They greatly diversify the gameplay, and you may not enjoy the full online slot gaming experience, which you could get by using the prizes from participating in a particular bonus offer.
  • No winnings can be received. While playing free slots, you will have several hundred or thousands of dollars on your account; however, this is not real money, which makes it impossible to acquire a real profit.

Each of these two types of online slots has its strengths and weaknesses, but both of them are worth trying to decide for yourself which option suits your gambling expectations best.

Types of Slot Machines

To keep up with the trends and demands of bettors, there are many varieties of online slots games on platforms. They differ in the main criteria, such as the number of reels, bet limits, the number, and types of paylines, design, style, theme, and much more. On sites, you can even find options for this game that are dedicated to movies, celebrities, games, famous characters, music, books, and so on. Also, one of the main trends is slots that combine usual gambling and a quest or storyline. They can also have several levels, upon reaching which, a new character or story is opened. Thus, slot machines are capable of combining the spinning of reels and computer or table games. Many punters who like to complete quests or develop a character in computer games are happy to try their luck in such options. One way or another, even experienced slot players prefer such variations. However, most often, you can find four options for playing real money slots, which are described below.

Three-reel Classics

These kinds of real money online slots are based on the very first slot machines that and are now present in the lobbies of land-based gambling establishments. They are the closest to old-school variations. These online slots have three reels, and a combination of three similar symbols in a row is obligatory to win. This game can be played for real money at the vast majority of online casinos.

Multi-Payline and Multi-Reel

These real money slots have more than three reels. Usually, their number rises to six or seven. Due to this modification, many paylines have also been added. Payline is how the symbols on the reels have to be lined up for a punter to get the jackpot. For example, in online slots with three reels, it is almost always one line where the symbols should line up. In multi-pay line options, it can be a variety of patterns, which increase the player's chances of winning, since it is difficult to create one line of the same symbols on six reels.

Video Slots

If you decide to try yourself in this kind of real money online slot, you will come across many thematic options with unique symbols, designs, and also unique ways to get the real money jackpot.

Progressive Slots

In real machines with a progressive jackpot, there is a system of accumulating money that different bettors have lost here. In real money slots with such a win, many US players are connected to one server, where one gambler gets all the money.

The Best Payout Slots in the US 2021

The Best Payout Slots in the US 2021

Payout percentage is the sum returned to the punter in a particular online casinos game. This percentage denotes what kind of house edge a gambling platform has in a particular case; so, it is quite obvious that this percentage is most often less than 100%. It is very rare on some sites that you can find some game options that have a payout higher than 100%, which means that a casino is losing money on these games.

Speaking of online slots for real money, in these game options, you can find quite high percentages of money returned to bettors, but in terms of this value, online slots do not have the highest rate. A gambler has the best chances in blackjack and some other table games, but this does not make slot machines an unprofitable option, given the opportunity to get a progressive jackpot in a huge amount.

The value of a payout percentage depends primarily on the software developer since the percentage of winnings and losses is set during the development process. However, it may also be affected by a specific gambling platform. Either way, there are a number of the best online slots deals that will give you the highest odds of winning:

  • Flaming Hot — 95.53%
  • Triple Diamond — 95.06%
  • Guns ‘n’ Roses — 96.98%
  • Wheel of Fortune — 96.6%
  • Starburst — 96.1%
  • Wizard of Oz — 95.99%
  • Book of Ra Deluxe — 95.5%
  • Avalon II — 97%
  • Thunderstruck II — 96.65%
  • Mega Fortune — 96.4%

By playing these games, you are dealing with the lowest house edge, which means you have the best chance of winning. These options can be found

Frequently Asked Questions

Do online slots pay real money?

Sure, the gambling platform you play online slots on pays out you real cash that you're received as winning if you bet with real money. When choosing to play free games, you get a certain balance of virginal money that is not real. The free game is completely close to the version for real money, but winnings in it will not be paid to you since the bet was not made. If you want to receive real winnings on your card or e-wallet, you need to make a deposit.

Are online slots safe? Can you cheat on an online slot machine?

Unfortunately for many bettors, cheating with online slots is impossible. You cannot affect the result in any way. In real money slots, a Random Number Generator is used to determine the result of spinning the reels, as this is as close as possible to the spinning of real reels. The RNG is built into the software, and you do not have any access to it, just like the gambling platform. Otherwise, it could also affect your result. Also, you cannot cheat when placing your bets as it is also an automated and computerized process. Gambling sites have done everything to ensure an equal playing field for all bettors, as well as to ensure their safety. From this point of view, cheaters do not pose any danger to the casino or other punters.

Can I play real money online slots from the USA?

Online slots for real money are available to play if gambling is legal in the territory where you are. Now, gambling sites use multi-level systems of self-protection and identification of your location; so, more and more often the use of VPN becomes useless because the casino can still see where you are. You can always visit the state where such activity is allowed and use a PC or any kind of mobile device to play or visit a gambling establishment.