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Dead Or Alive slot

Key features

Dead Or Alive slot

For fans of the gambling entertainment slot Dead Or Alive from the famous developer NetEnt a real boon. A slot machine with five reels and nine winning lines is offered to play for real money. Many unique features will increase winnings and add vivid emotions to the game. These are:

  • wild symbol;
  • the skitter-symbol;
  • autoplay;
  • multiplier;
  • free spins.

This is not all that makes the game bright and exciting. Here you can get a storm of bright and thrilling sensations and, for victories, big rewards in the form of currency. The release of the slot was more than a year ago.

Thanks to the nine winning lines in the slot, there are many options for betting. When making bets, the minimum number is 1. As for the maximum, it is 4. Worthy, and the indicator RTP percentage is 96.8%. For those who want to get rich quickly.

Software developer

The Dead Or Alive slot software developer is a well-known company NetEnt. Many online casinos use their software platform. The famous developer works with advanced virtual gambling establishments. They guarantee stunningly beautiful graphic design, incredible sound effects in slots, and appropriate music, and the device Dead Or Alive is no exception.

Main theme

You can play different games like pokies and slots. Try to take on the guise of a character and win from the computer without a cheat. The duration of one game against the computer is about 10 minutes. Try to win the biggest prize with the max luck. You can also buy a bonus to make working go faster.

You will find yourself in a desert town during the game and feel its strange mood. You will be a bounty hunter, and the drums will fall out a lot of guns, boots, cowboy hats, posters with the sheriff stars and information about the search, and other symbols. In this way, you can set yourself up for the exciting duel that is coming.

The game has features for big winnings:

  1. An exciting bonus feature, namely the wilds, will help you earn big winnings. Thanks to this feature, your winnings will double.
  2. To win a big score, it's time to start the game with free spins.

Of course, other essential ingredients exist for brilliant victories and significant awards. The availability of slots is impressive. You can download the casino game to your computer or play directly in your browser. In either case, you will have access to an up-to-date review of achievements and a forum for communication.

Game variations

The slot machine is designed for betting for real money. However, beginners can also have fun playing a demo version of the slot. Also possible to play on mobile devices and tablets. And suppose you love to play your favorite slots on the go. In that case, you can safely choose the Dead Or Alive slot machine to go on a fascinating virtual journey while in any place where internet access from your smartphone or another gadget, if you have access to the network.

Demo mode playing

Because of the high volatility, it is worth being careful to choose a game with bets for money for those who are just beginning to get acquainted with the virtual world of gambling entertainment. Still, it's worthwhile to start by training on the demo version to save money while gaining experience and knowledge before making bets for money to win awards in currency.

RTP level

The payout percentage in the Dead Or Alive slot is 96.8%. This is slightly above average. Winning only 3.2%, then the slot will give a lot back to the player, even though the payout percentage is a theoretical measure that is valid in the long run.


There are limits on the rates:

  • the minimum rate – 0.01;
  • maximum – 0.5.

It is worth spending the club as much as you can afford, based on financial possibilities, not to the detriment of the budget. It's the only way you won't be upset if you lose.

Dead Or Alive slot: pros and cons

The advantages of the slot Dead Or Alive are enough. Here it is worth highlighting:

  • high volatility;
  • the opportunity to win a big score;
  • lucrative free spins feature.

And this is not all the pros of the slot machine. There are many more. This is an excellent choice for fans of the classics. Cult western slot will not leave anyone indifferent. It is filled with details and an inexpressible, unique atmosphere.

Of the minuses, we can highlight the following:

  • too high volatility for beginners;
  • difficulties in activating the bonus function.

These are all the drawbacks. Otherwise, there are only advantages.

Dead Or Alive slot 2

Dead or Alive symbols

In the slot machine Dead Or Alive, a lot of unique and colorful characters:

  • pistols;
  • boots and cowboy hats;
  • posters with sheriff's stars and wanted information.

There are also symbols. The wild symbol and setter help make the combination a prize. Thus, you can increase the winnings or participate in free spins, increasing the probability of prize chains even more often.

Regular symbols and payouts

There are many different symbols in the Dead or Alive slot. Regular symbols during the game chaotically shuffle as the reels spin and often create prize chains. When they appear on the video slot screen, the winnings increase, or the game is supplemented with new free spins.

It is worth taking advantage of valuable tips that will help part of winning by choosing the Dead or Alive slot:

  1. Winning combinations are not always formed. Take this into account. Only thirty combinations will be prizes out of a hundred spins. A combination of five pictures can fall out in the twenty-fourth and twenty-fifth rotations.
  2. In seven spins out of a hundred falls, scatter symbol. Thanks to his appearance, it becomes possible to return the bets made up to 17.4%. The probability of activating free spins is small, 0.66%. Repeated spins are triggered in 2.2% of bonuses.

There is an opportunity to return, and almost one hundred percent of the bets, to be exact, 96.8%. In this case, the maximum winnings will be one hundred and eight thousand coins.

Special symbols payouts

The player can also receive payments on special symbols. You will be able to withdraw them safely and promptly. Strict confidentiality and protection of funds are guaranteed.

Min & Max bet size

In the slot, Dead Or Alive maximum winnings are forty-five thousand credits. According to the payout figures:

  • the minimum rate – 0.09;
  • maximum – 18.

Catching three of the same symbol in a single line is crucial to get the payout. Thanks to the best symbol of the slot scatter, there is an opportunity to win two and a half thousand coins for five such pictures.

Jackpot features

You need the jackpot for those who want to get rich immediately, without physical effort. In the Dead Or Alive slot, the jackpot amount is two and a half thousand coins. And this is a generous reward from the club, a luxurious gift of fortune for the lucky jackpot holder.

Available Bonuses

Of the available bonuses in the slot, Dead Or Alive is worth noting free spins. In addition, there are:

  • Wild;
  • Scatter.

Free spins

The most important bonus in Dead Or Alive slot is free spins. They increase the likelihood of prize chains appearing on the video slot screen and allow getting a big win for winning battles with the slot.

2x multiplier

Getting three scatters, the player gets twelve free spins with a doubled multiplier with each win. Thus, increasing the bet by about twenty times is possible while having only a couple of wilds on the reels.

Dead Or Alive slot winning tips

To win the battle with the Dead or Alive slot, it is worth using some valuable tips:

  1. It is crucial to remember that the slot is sensitive to the player's class and personal statistics.
  2. Even though the machine has an extended return cycle and high variance during the game, the payouts will be pretty significant, although rare.

Of course, these are not all useful tips. That said, everyone has the opportunity to develop their unique strategy for frequent victories.

Mobile compatibility

Play your favorite slot, Dead Or Alive, if you want, you can see it in the mobile version. Right on the go, being in any place with access to the Internet, you can choose a slot machine and enjoy the pursuit of fortune from your smartphone or any other gadget if you have access to the network.

Dead Or Alive slot 1

Casinos to play popular Dead Or Alive slot game for real money

For those who want to spend their free time playing slots Dead Or Alive, such an opportunity is available in many online casinos. Of the most popular is worth highlighting:

  • Roaring 21;
  • Las Atlantis;
  • Aussie Play.

This is not all virtual gambling establishments where you can enjoy playing your favorite slot.

Slots Empire

Bright and exciting classic slot machine Dead Or Alive you can choose in online casinos to spend your free time enjoyable. Everyone has an opportunity to rip a big score. For every victory subject to registration, you are guaranteed to be accrued cash rewards.

Red Dog Casino

Online casinos offer a wide range of slot machines for fans of classic slots. Among them, the Dead Or Alive slot is trendy. You can play for real money to significantly increase your finances, choose a demo version to practice before you play the slot with bets for money or if you are a newcomer, play for free to gain experience and knowledge.

Aussie Play

For those who believe in luck and success and want to dive headlong into bright and exciting adventures, the slot dead Or Alive is a great choice. In online casinos, you can play the slot and win large sums for the wins at any time, withdrawing the reward conveniently.

El Royale

In online casinos, you should play the slot machine Dead Or Alive among a wide range of different slots.

Las Atlantis

Bright and exciting to spend your free time is always possible in the online casino, choosing from a wide range of entertainment slots, Dead Or Alive. A thrilling plot, bright graphics, and high-quality sound set the game. And for the victories, a generous reward in cash.


Despite the abundance of exciting slots in online casinos, many prefer to play Dead Or Alive. Bright graphics and luxurious sound, fascinating and unique storyline motivate you to play and win.

Golden Lion Casino

Anyone who wants to get rich quickly will have the opportunity to play the Dead Or Alive slot, which you can do at any time online casino, 24 hours a day, with complete privacy.

Cherry Gold

For fans of adventure, those who want to tickle their nerves, to get a thrill, the slot Dead Or Alive is an absolute godsend. And in online casinos, it is a wide range of slot machines.

Roaring 21

Load up on adrenaline to the full, get a storm of vivid emotions everyone who can choose to spend time online casino slot Dead Or Alive. Bored will not be anyone. Only positive and good mood.

VIP Slots

For the best, most active players, special privileges, and the best slots. Among them is the slot machine Dead Or Alive, which will give each player the most vivid and thrilling experience and allow the opportunity to significantly improve the financial well-being of big winnings and generous rewards from the club.


How to play Dead Or Alive slot game?

In the classic slot, there is an opportunity to meet famous criminals of all times. Control of the gameplay is simple enough. On the standard control panel, you can change the coin's value from 0.01 to 0.50. At nine active pay lines is possible to set four levels of bets. To start, click on start for manual mode or auto. The game starts in automatic mode.

What is the biggest win in Dead Or Alive?

The maximum win in the Dead Or Alive slot is 45000 credits. Even though not everyone can smile so lucky, winnings in the slot can be pretty significant.

Which bonuses can I get in Dead Or Alive?

The most important bonus in the Dead Or Alive slot is free spins. They increase the probability of winning by increasing the probability of prize chains appearing on the video slot screen, which can increase the winnings or complement the game with new free spins of the reels.

Where can I play Dead Or Alive casino game?

After a simple and quick registration on the online casino's website, you'll get access to all the features and the range of slots presented to players. And here, you can choose the Dead Or Alive slot to have a lot of fun while playing and win big rewards in the financial equivalent.